Declaration of data protection

At Sfinks Animatie vzw we feel responsible to protect your privacy, as you trust us with the processing of your personal data.
Consequently, we strive for a transparency about which data we collect when you vist our website or interact digitally with our team.
If after reading the data protection declaration, you have any more questions regarding privacy or wish to contact us:
Sfinks Animatie vzw
Pastoorsleike 7a
2530 Boechout
[email protected]
+32 03 455 69 44

How does Sfinks Animatie vzw process your personal data? 
Sfinks Animatie vzw wants to offer clear and transparant information regarding which data are collected, what they are used for and how your data is being handled. We find it of utmost importance to respect your privacy and process your data in a legal manner.
With personal data we mean identity and contact information as your name, surname, address, telephone number, email address, your function within the organisation you work for, language, …

Who is being addressed in this privacy declaration? 
This privacy declaration is primarily addressing our present and past member/customers, participants in activities, persons who enquired our activities, volunteers and suppliers.

Which data do we process and for what purpose? 
We only collect the data you provide us with through various media used in the interaction. We not not collect data through third parties, with the exception of information we received from associated clubs or federations.

Your personal data are being processed by Sfinks Animatie vzw for the following purposes and situations:

You registered for our digital newsletter
Your personal data are being processed for the newsletter. When you register you only need to provide your email, no additional personal data.

You participate in one of our events
Sfinks Animatie vzw has three free events (Sfinks Mundial, Sfinks Mixed and Sfinks Mundial Latino) and the Sfinks Café which is open every day.
You can buy online tickets for the camping and coupons at Sfinks Mixed, and in this transaction you provide us with personal data. This information can after be used for: sending the tickets, information about the event, and promotional materials as newsletters, the program brochure of the festival, etc.  Your personal data are stored on our secured servers from our ticketing provider (Ticket Script).

We have in-house photographers documenting our events, taking pictures of the general atmosphere or activities. There is a possibility that you are visible in one of the photographs and/or videos, which can be used for promotional ends (Facebook, flyers, press, festival news, etc.). In the case you recognise yourself in a picture and wish it to be removed, contact us at [email protected].

You work as a volunteer at Sfinks Animatie vzw
As a volunteer your data are being processed to register you as a worker at the event. Your data will also be screened by the police to guarantee general safety for all the people working with the organisation.

You are a professional contact/ supplier/customer 
We process the data in the light of the services provided between both parties. Your personal data are used to for communication and sharing information.

You apply for a job vacancy at Sfinks Animatie vzw
If you apply for a job vacancy or apply spontaneously, we process your personal data to be able to follow up on your candidacy.

Hence certain data could be asked to be provided:
– Identity: name, surname, address
– Private contact: phone number, email
– Governmental identity data: number ID card, national identity number
– Personal data; date of birth, place of birth, sex, nationality
– personal footage: images, photos, videos, recordings, …

Where do we store your data?  
The data you provide could be shared with third parties necessary to facilitate:
– storing and processing data in the Cloud;
–  internet environment of our events
– IT infrastructure (network, servers, …)
–  administration and social secretariat
– insurance of our participants, members and volunteers
–  newsletters en invitations

Sfinks Animatie vzw will never share or sell your personal data to third parties who use them for commercial intentions. We will only share your data if this is legally mandatory or allowed. For example if the police requires personal data in the light of an investigation.
We do not share personal data to parties outside the EU.

Retention period
Sfinks Animatie vzw does not hold on to personal data longer than necessary for the purpose of the reason they where provided. This varies according to each situation.

What are cookies? A “cookie” is a small file sent from the server of Sfinks Animatie vzw and stored on the hard disc of your computer. The data stored on the cookies can be accessed solely by our agency and only during the time you visit the website.

Why do we use cookies?
Our website is using cookies to differentiate visitors according to customer preferences. This allows us to optimise your experience as a customer and the profiling of our website. There are different types of cookies, classified according to functionality, origin or retention period. The legislation differentiates between functional cookies (the ones that are necessary for technical reasons) and other non-functional cookies. On our website you will encounter buttons to our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and
Youtube pages. We do not use tracking by pixels.

Your rights
Enter your data
You have the right to look into and receive a copy of your personal data.

Correct your data
If your data are not correct or incomplete, you have the right correct or complete.

Delete your data
You have the right to delete the data which the organisation received, and which no longer are necessary for the specific purpose they were used for.

Transfer data
You have the right to allow us to transfer data to you or directly to third parties.

Limit data processing
If you have any objection against the processing of certain data, you can request the processing to be halted.  Please contact us to exercise your rights and attach your motivation and remarks. Contact details you find on the top of this page.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights above and/or file a complaint about the way Sfinks Animatie vzw processes your data, you can contact us at any time.

You also have the right to file a complaint with the authority supervising privacy and data protection.

Belgische Privacy Commissie
Commissie voor de bescherming van de persoonlijke levenssfeer
Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussel
tel +32 (0)2 274 48 00
Email: [email protected]

Updates of the privacy declaration
Sfinks Animatie vzw controls regularly if we meet with this declaration of data protection and can at all times modify this. If you have any questions regarding all the above, please contact us at [email protected].