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Sfinks Mixed 2023 dates: Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 July 2023

  Doors You can enter until closing time
Thursday 27th of July  15:00 23:00 1.00 am
Friday July 28th of July 15:00 2:00 am 4:00 am
Saturday 29th of July 11:00 2:00 am 4:00 am
Sunday 30th of July 11:00 23:00 1.00 am


To make Sfinks Mixed as pleasant as possible for everyone, we have some house rules.

  • Dogs and other animals, aerosols (including deodorant), glass, cans, weapons, sharp objects, bicycles, scooters and skateboards are not allowed. just like any other item considered dangerous by the organization. There is a free secured bicycle parking.

  • You can not leave items to be safeguarded by the organization.

  • Photography is allowed for personal use, and we would like to see your photos appear on social media! Please tag us !
    Professional sound and film equipment are only allowed with prior permission, please request through [email protected].

  • Access control is systematically applied to everyone who enters the festival site.

  • It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks. Sfinks Mixed is a free festival, only with sufficient catering revenues we can continue to organize the festival. If you do bring your own food, drinks, cool boxes, picnic baskets, etc., you cannot take this onto the festival site.

  • Backpacks and bags are allowed, but do not take more items with you than necessary, this simplifies the task of the people at the check.

  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed on the festival site.

  • Free wrist bands are available for children at the Kidz Village and the information stand on which parents can write their telephone number. Our employees at the information stand help parents in their search for their lost child.

  • Handing out flyers is not allowed.

  • You can hang posters on specific reserved locations on the festival site, please contact [email protected] in advance.

  • Sfinks cups and plates must remain on the site and may not be taken home.

  • Urination outside the toilets is prohibited.
  • No beer under 16, no cocktails / spirits under 18. Identification may be requested.

  • Smoking (including vaping) is only allowed in the designated areas.

  • Sfinks Mixed is a festival that is open and tolerant. We welcome everyone and like to make it a cozy and warm party, that is possible if everyone ensures that we treat each other with respect. We have drawn up a charter that applies to everyone who participates in the festival. (visitors, employees, exhibitors, guests, press, artists…) Download here.


Sfinks Mixed lies on the border of Boechout and Mortsel in Antwerp and is easily accessible, whether you come by bike, bus, tram, train or car.

The festival site is located on the Molenveld , between the Welvaartstraat and Oude Steenweg, in Boechout. The entrances can be found on Welvaartstraat and Oude Steenweg. 

Route description
More information about public transport on the websites of De Lijn ( ) and the NMBS ( ).

Below is a brief overview of the different travel methods.

By bicycle
If you live in or around Antwerp, the bicycle is the ideal means of transport. From the city of Antwerp you can reach Boechout by bike in just over half an hour. From Deurne airport you take the F11 and you are at the festival site within 15 minutes. We provide free bicycle parking for cyclists right next to the entrance to the festival site in Welvaartstraat.

By tram
From Antwerp Linkeroever, tram 15 runs via the city of Antwerp to Boechout. Tram stop ‘Mortsel Savelkoul’ is 100 meters from the festival site.

By bus
Bus 51, 52, 53, 90 all stop within 850 meters of the festival site:
– with line 90 you get off at the stop ‘Mortsel Savelkoul’, 100 meters from the festival
– with lines 51, 52, 53 step get off at the stop ‘Boechoutselei’ at 850 meters from the festival.

 By train
Boechout train station is a 10-minute walk away from the festival site.
Train frequency:
– from Antwerp Central, Brussels and Hasselt, trains run twice an hour to Boechout, once an hour in weekends
– trains run to Boechout once an hour from Bruges, Ghent and Leuven.

By car
If you come by car, you can use our paid car park (10 euro/day) in Capenberg, Borsbeeksesteenweg 45, 2530 Boechout. 
– If you come from the south
via the  E19  (Brussels …), it is best to take exit 7 – Kontich. Follow the arrows to Edegem, from there to Hove, and so on to Boechout.
– if you come from the west via the E17 (Ghent …), then via the E313 or E34  (Hasselt …), take exit 18 – Wommelgem. First go to Mortsel. At the Carrefour, turn left into Borsbeek and turn right at the first traffic lights. In this way you drive straight to Boechout.
– who comes from the north via the E19 coming (Breda …), via the E313 or E34  (Hasselt …), take exit 18 – Wommelgem. First go to Mortsel. At the Carrefour, turn left into Borsbeek and turn right at the first traffic lights. In this way you drive straight to Boechout.
– if you come from the east via the E313 or E34  (Hasselt …), take exit 18 – Wommelgem. First go to Mortsel. At the Carrefour, turn left into Borsbeek and turn right at the first traffic lights. In this way you drive straight to Boechout.


Food and drinks from all corners of the world can be found in the food trucks and the Sfinks food stands on the site. You pay cashless. This means that you can easily pay on our site with your own bank card or app. No more queuing for coupons!

All food and drinks are stored in reusable materials, for which you give a 0.50 euro guarantee. We ask that these cups and plates be returned so that they can be washed and used again. Use your cup as payment for new orders. At the end of the day, your cup can be exchanged again for half a euro. (Or donate it to Sfinks.)

You can also bring your own cup to make the festival even more sustainable and low-waste!


Sfinks Mixed is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. We collaborate with Inter, an organisation specialised in providing assistance for people with less mobility.

What we provide:
– The festival site is as accessible as possible.
– There are adapted toilets, these are located near the general sanitary facilities.
– There is an induction loop at the level of the PA (In the middle in front of the stage.)
– There is an reserved area for wheelchair users.
– There are reserved parking spaces for people with disabilities. Follow the ‘suppliers’ signage. A blue parking ticket is required to park here. Reservation is not necessary.
– Assistance dogs are welcome

There are also Inter -volunteers who you can call on for free. They are clearly recognisable by their white vest with the Inter logo. At a festival or event, they are the point of contact for people with disabilities, they provide reception and provide assistance where necessary. The volunteers also ensure the correct use of the facilities. Don’t hesitate to speak to an assistant when you need help.

For more information and all your questions about support:
E-mail:  [email protected]


Go to a festival together with Circuit Sortie and the initiative ‘De Generous Festivals’. In this project, people with and without disabilities are invited to go out together and/or do other fun things, not as a counselor or as a requester for help, but as friends. Those who need additional assistance or extra facilities can still call on the Inter services.

Are you looking for someone who wants to enjoy the festival with you? You might find a festival buddy on the De Generous Festivals web page.


There is a super cozy festival camping site!

At 1.5 km from the festival site, on the Elfbunderweg, you will find the coziest festival campsite in the country, where you can enjoy 3 days of fresh breakfast (not on Mondays), extensive sanitary facilities, a bar, chill lounge, etc., and all that for only €25!
Children up to 12 years free. Camping opens Thursday at noon. Due to the rain, the field next to the campsite has not been mowed and parking is located on Fruithoflaan (limited spaces – now full) or Capenberg (€10 – Borsbeeksesteenweg 45). You can unload your equipment at the campsite.
On site you can still buy tickets to camp with a tent. Places for campers and caravans are full.Press here to reserve your camping spot now!

What has Sfinks Campsite to offer you?

  • A beautiful, well-deserved sleep at 1,5 km from the festival
  • Delicious, fresh breakfast (not on Monday)
  • Sanitary facilities (toilets, sinks and showers)
  • Day –and night security on site
  • Exclusive parking area: €10 for 4 days
  • Bar and chill lounge
  • BBQ-zone
  • Special facilities for people with less mobility. More information at Inter vzw at +32 (0)497 43 95 37 or [email protected] if you wish to spend the night.

There are some alternatives:


Sfinks Animation vzw
Dr. Theo Tutsstraat 20
2530 Boechout
Tel: +32 (0)3 455 69 44
E-mail:  [email protected]
VAT: BE 0423 240 692
RPR Antwerp, Antwerp