House rules volunteers

We make it happen together! In order to walk in the same rhythm and make the dance go smooth, we created an elaborate choreography. Be awake in your steps, be accurate in your timing, make sure you do not step on someones toes.
This is how we roll, these are the principles: 

    • BE ON TIME: we expect you to be at the reception point of workers and volunteers at least 30 minutes before your first shift. If you do not make it on time or something obstructs you from coming all together, inform us in time, so we do not sit around waiting for you and can start looking for replacement.
    • YOU BOOZE YOU LOOSE; no alcoholic drinks during working hours!  Keep your head cool and build up the tension for partying times after you finish your work. Soft drinks are available for a coupon and free water as much as you can drink.
    • At the end of your shift you receive 2 coupons for each worked hour. If you do two shifts/day, you receive a food coupon. The coupons are not for selling on some kind of black market! 
    • No handing out of free drinks/food and stealing of coupons. We do not tolerate you giving away free or reduction drinks/food, either consuming without giving coupons. In case of theft the police will get involved.  
    • Be polite and accommodating: You represent Sfinks, carry the flag with pride and friendliness. Be of service to the visitors, and if you encounter any problems or troublesome costumers you call for the managers.  
    • Take care of your wrist band: when you arrive you receive a wrist band, with your level of clearance zone and work shifts. Do not loose it, it is your green card to get to your area!
    • Always wear the Sfinks T-shirt during your shift: How else would anyone know you work at Sfinks?  
    • Ecology: score points for the green track of Sfinks. As a coworker, set the example of conscious moving and take the train, tram or your bicycle. Use the recycling bins and motivate visitors to follow your steps.
    • Hygiene and outfit: wear an outfit that fits the day and your volunteer role. Be comfortable and move like a ninja.
      And…be germ-free: after using the toilets, don’t forget to wash your hands.