Suonno D’Ajere


Four hundred years of Neapolitan musical richness

Accomplished trio from different musical backgrounds unite in an expedition through four hundred years of Neapolitan song, offering a flamboyant mix between the popular and classical threads of its distinctive character.

The “Suonno d’ajere” project was born in 2016 out of a need to learn about and explore what the city of Naples has produced in its vocal musical history. The three members of the group come from different musical experiences, from jazz to pop music, from popular to classical music. In their journeys they have always encountered Neapolitan song, being deeply fascinated and impressed by it.

The goal of the project is to mark a common thread in Neapolitan song from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, identifying, through a historical/stylistic criterion, the most representative songs.

The forcing is inevitable; to reduce all that has been produced in Naples for song in half a millennium to a single concert can only be reductive. The trio will try to give an idea, a sketch of what the city has produced using an ensemble that is symbolic of Naples, the most stereotypical, but also the most effective and beautifully simple: voice, mandolin and guitar.

In 2019 the trio won the Folkest-Alberto Cesa Award, the “Bianca D’Aponte International” Award, the international jury’s mention and the prize for best interpretation at the Andrea Parodi Award. In the following years after its debut album “Suspiro,” the trio performed in several major concert festivals in Italy and abroad, including Treibhaus in Innsbruck, Slovensky Rozhlas – Bratislava, Quarrata folk festival Toscana,Italy, Mare e Miniere, Sardegna Italy, Musicastrada, Toscana Italy, Bamberger Amthof – Feldkirchen Austria, Festival Glatt&Verkehrt – Mautern an der Donau, Austria, Vienna Konzerthaus, Sunfest (Canada), Lincoln Center (New York City), Eargail Festival (Ireland) among others.

Sfinks collaborates with international partners in a vision to build a uniquely hand-picked  line-up each year.
The network of local specialists ensures that the latest evolutions and trends within the global music sector are shared, and that the partners can inspire each other in a kind of musical exchange project.

For Suonno d’Ajere Sfinks was inspired by ‘Napoli World‘. Napoli World is a networking event for international programmers in Naples. Together with colleagues from the USA, India, Mauritius, UK, Canada, Morocco, Spain, Cabo Verde, Uganda, Tunisia, Korea, … we were inundated by coffee, pizza and music for days on end. Suonno d’Ajere played in a tiny theater in the Quartieri Spagnoli and ….Wow!!!