Line-up Sfinks Mundial 2024

13:00 – Galician folk


Verónica Codesal, Didier Laloy & Damien Chierici

100 VOLTAS is a project full of Galician culture and tradition, conceived as a living element in constant evolution. A repertoire that preserves the essence of the past incorporating contemporary elements and different instruments : electronic instruments, violin, diatonic accordion, etc.

Traditional texts, own and also of contemporary Galician poets (Lucia Aldao, Yolanda Castaño, Rosalia Fernández Rial, Brais Fernandes) through which they tell their stories of women, wives, partners, mothers, daughters, friends, workers, artists, activists.

15:00 – Ethio-jazz

Kolonel Djafaar

Popular brass-led ensemble, Kolonel Djafaar, unveil second album ‘Getaway’- seamlessly blending Afrobeat, Ethio jazz, and psych rock.

Having built a loyal local Antwerp following off of the success of their 2019 debut self released album, ‘Forgotten Kingdom’, and growing reputation for electrifying stage performances, Kolonel Djafaar achieved worldwide recognition in 2021 for the ‘Cold Heat’ EP on Batov Records, attracting praise from Music Is My Sanctuary (“triumphant), and support from Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Radio Music, and DJs across Worldwide FM, Soho Radio, Le Mellotron, and KEXP.

For their new album, membership changes, including Emiel Lauryssen joining on trumpet, alongside guitarist Philip Matthhijnssens, the band’s palette has broadened and new sounds are able to break through. From psychedelic rock and soul influence of the Daptone Records’ affiliated Budos Band, surf rock (“Urban Dweller”), Morricone Spaghetti Western guitar, and Afro Cuban (“Kelmendi”), alongside the brassy Afrobeat and Ethio jazz vibes the group have been known for.

17:00 – Rumba Congolaise

Klody Ndongala

Klody Ndongala is a singer, guitarist and composer from Kinshasa. He is a master guitarist and has an exceptional voice, often tinged with his signature falsetto. Klody’s Afro-Caribbean style with ingenious musical compositions, reflects the diversity of his musical background and eclectic taste. – a stylish mix of rumba, Latin and Cape Verdean grooves.

Klody’s musical career started in the eighties, also the period when he moved to Brussels. In 1986, Klody performed at Sfinks with one of the first Congolese groups that also managed to appeal to a Belgian audience: Claudy & Co.

He has collaborated with all the big names of Congolese Rumba: Franco Luambo Makiadi, le Grand Kallé Kabasélé, Likinga by Zaiko Langa Langa, Tshala Muana – and recently also with the Angolan star Bonga.

Today Klody Ndongala is an icon in the Belgian-Congolese music scene!

19:00 – Latin


ChaChaChalina‘ is a new Dutch Latin band of singer and percussionist Chalina Smit together with Venezuelan master percussionist Gerardo Rosales (Maite Hontelé, Cubop City Bigband) based in The Hague.

In 2019 they started the band at the ArtEZ Conservatory of Music and since then they have been working hard to find their own style within Latin jazz and salsa.

In October 2020 ChaChaChalina played in the finals of the Conservatory Talent Award 2020 and on July 1st, 2021 their first EP “Mira antes de Saltar” was released. The collaboration between Gerardo, Chalina and the band results in hard grooving own repertoire and tight Latin jazz, with the New York salsa feel (inspired by Ray Barretto) and with hints of modern Cuban timba (inspired by Pedrito Martinez). 

Summer 2023, their debut album “El Reflejo” released on CD & Vinyl and on all streaming platforms!

Let your hair down and dance to the energetic and passionate music of this international band that aims to give the audience an unforgettable concert.

21:00 – Reggae

Panache Culture

Panache Culture means ‘different cultures’ and is known for its mix of Arabic and Jamaican sounds with drum ‘n’ bass beats, rap and raï.

The band was founded in the eighties by the four Moroccan-Belgian brothers Hamra, and over the years joined by artists from Senegal, Italy, Greece, Jamaica, England and Zaire.

Panache Culture collaborated with artists such as Mad professor, Earl 16, Mickey Spice, Daweh Congo, Prezident Brown, Anthony B, Rico Rodriguez, Black Steel, Macka B and all artists from Barry O’Hare, X-Rated.

Their songs are about the things in life that spark positive vibes, as well as themes that call for revolution. This way they take us – both with their sounds and lyrics – into a world where reggae takes on a new dimension. In 2014, the band even adapted Mozart to reggae with the help of musicians from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra of Liège!

Come and taste this rich cocktail of pure reggae, Eastern sounds and North African beats!

22:30 – Afrobeats & more

Brooke Bailey

Maymuna Suleyman aka Deejay Brooke Bailey, is an international DJ with Ghanaian and Belgian roots. She discovered her love for music at a very young age. She sings, plays the violin, studied Media at university and can even act, so she truly is a lady of all trades!

In 2012 she became a residential DJ in Noxx as DJ Brooke Bailey. She sees her love for Afrobeats as a way to show her pride in her African heritage. As of 2019, Brooke has played in 30 different countries, from Sweden, Cyprus, Dubai, Oman and the US to Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa. She has collaborated with famous artists such as Ckay, Pappy Kojo, YKB, Davido and Wizkid. Now she is one of the resident DJs of the presidential family of Equatorial Guinea and is on the list of the best female DJs in the world.
Don’t miss her at Sfinks Mundial!

Terrain – Batucada do Brasil

Coco Ralado

The cheerful percussionists of Belgian-Brazilian samba street band Coco Ralado bring tight samba rhythms enriched with funk, hip-hop, afro and samba reggae beats.

They appear everywhere: from festival stages (Couleur Café, Mano Mundo, Sfinks, Afro-Caribbean,….), to street parties (Kortrijks Summer Carnival, Samba Festival Coburg, Eindhoven,…). Sometimes they invade a radio or TV studio (STuBru, Ketnet, Villa Vanthilt), they play with the Brazilian top group Olodum and in between they travel to Brazil for inspiration (and Caipirinha).

The ambiance makers even recorded a full CD under the title “Paixão & Fogo” (passion and fire) and continue to live up to their strong reputation as a street band.

No one escapes the party when Coco Ralado is around!

Terrein – Met zijn Bakfiets

Papa Mojito

No Sfinks without the papa!

On his cargo bike, Papa Mojito brews a unique cocktail of music from all continents (Latino, merengue, salsa, raï, soukous, cumbia, Balkan, Punjab, etc.). To pump up the party, some rock ‘n roll, electro swing, new wave, music from the 60s, 70s and 80s, waltzes, folk,… are thrown into the mix.

Smiles and dancing feet with a layer of nostalgic atmosphere – vintage radios, vinyl records, the feelings of togetherness and unity across the whole world- that is what marks the kinda party of the papa! (and a sprinkle of the occasional glass of mojito.)