Salif Keïta


Patriarch of African Music

Salif Keita is one of the most influential musicians on the African continent as well as a pioneer who put the mandingo beat on the map worldwide. This legendary albino singer from Mali has won many awards and has toured all over the world for decades. He is now famous as the ‘Golden Voice of Africa’.

Now follows a new milestone, Un Autre Blanc, the new album that Salif Keita has announced as his last. After a life of tribulations because of his difference, Salif finally celebrates what he is, “Another White”, and calls on the world to celebrate Difference with him.

This album of 10 brand-new tracks continues Salif’s advocacy for the human rights of people with Albinism, a fight his Foundation for Albinism pledges to intensify, especially since the UN has declared June 13 the International Albinism Awareness Day. Salif is protesting the continued abduction and killing of albinos in a number of African countries for purposes of witchcraft and financial profit.

After 50 years of a extrordinary career and soon 70 years of life, Salif Keita is ready to spread out his mat under the mango trees of the banks of the Niger River.

A concert not to be missed. Dance dance as if it’s the last one!