Alba Carmona


A journey through the vast world of Spanish folk and traditional music

Alba Carmona is a Catalan singer and songwriter, born to Malagan parents.

With a strong interest in roots music, Alba Carmona, has been studying for years the different sounds of popular and modern music. She has performed on many stages around the world, collaborating and learning from artists such as Perico Sambeat, Carlos Saura, Chano Dominguez, Las Migas, and Mauricio Sotelo, to name a few.

After 18 years of career and personal experiences, she felt the need to express herself through her own voice and music. It is when “Alba Carmona”, her first work as a solo artist, is crafted and released in 2018.

Composed mostly by her with the production and company of prominent Spanish guitarist Jesús Guerrero.

Alba has taken part in renowned productions and music groups such as CMS Trío with Javier Colina, Marc Miralta and Perico Sambeat. For over 4 years she was the feminine voice of the popular show Flamenco Hoy by Carlos Saura directed by Chano Domínguez, touring extensively around theatres in Europe and North America.

From 2011 until 2018 she was the main singer, composer and arranger in the popular female-only band Las Migas. With them she participated in 3 of their albums, “Reinas del matute” 2010, “Nosotras somos” and “Vente conmigo” for which they were nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards for Best Flamenco Album in 2017.

Her training started from a very young age with flamenco dance and singing. Right after finishing school she went to study at the Escuela Superior de Música de Cataluña, being the first person in the world to receive the Superior Grade of Cante Flamenco, in the year 2009. Her vocal and singing training continued with teachers such as Esperanza Fernández at the Andalusian Arts Centre in Seville, Ana Finger, Francisco Poyato, Assumpta Mateu de Lied and Assumpció Linares. Alba’s current repertoire and her compositions run from the richness of oral traditions, through the vast world of Spanish folk and traditional music as well as traditional songs from other cultures.

From the releasing of her album at the end of 2018 she has performed around 70 concerts to date.In 2022 she was nominated for the Spanish Odeon Music Awards for Best New Flamenco Artist.