Jobs volunteers

Volunteers can choose from a list of jobs. Whatever your skills or background, we can find a volunteer role that suits you. Check here your favourite options:



Visiting cafes often? Do you like to go see concerts or events? Do you regularly go for bicycle rides? Take our posters and flyers with you, and in return you get free drinks! Great deal, no? 


You co-create the shaping of the festival. Minimum 4 days from 9 am until 5 pm you help with lighter or/and heavier work. If you are specialised in building (electricity, water, carpentering, …) please tell us in the section of ‘extra note/remark’. 

Clean up and deconstruction

The perfect work-out! And you might get a beautiful sun teint on top of that. The satisfying feeling of wrapping things up, taking constructions down and leaving the place as if nothing happend. Tadaaaaa! Food, drinks and fun included!  


  • Bars:
    • Anderbar: tapping beer, receiving coupons, laughter and talks. And again! All of this with some funky beats at the background.
    • Kidzbar: This bar is central on the festival grounds, and has a special bar for the smallest ones. Super cute!
    • Bar Resto: you serve people waiting for a table. Mouth-watering smells for free!
    • Bar Cocktail: stating the obvious. You mix various drinks en create the most delicious cocktails.
    • Bar Backstage: Tap the perfect beer for your favourite musician or serve your favourite co-volunteers.
    • Bar Markt: less music here, but definitely not dull! The cosy murmur and vibes of an exotic market.
    • Bar Méditerranee: Where the sun always shines! A caring team attends to the croissants, mint tea, tapas and best wines.
    • Campsite: emerge yourself in holiday vibes and take care of the order and atmosphere of the campsite.
  • Info point festival grounds: Are you dedicated volunteer? Do you know Sfinks inside out? Then this is your perfect volunteer role. Welcoming visitors, showing the whereabouts and selling funky gadgets.
  • Entrance North + South: do you know how to be diplomatic and accurate? Welcome people to the festival and ask them if they happen to bring glass, animals, …
  • Kidz Face Painting: (experienced people only): here you transform cute children’s faces into pieces of art
  • Kidz Intervention: make sure all the kids are happy, safe and smiling
  • Reception/welcome: Are you a warm and friendly people’s-person? Apply for the welcoming team of the coworkers.
  • Green Guerrilla: Sfinks Mixed is mega-ecological. Thanks to the top Green Guerrilla – team. Be an eco-warrior and guard the cleanliness of the festival.
  • coupons sale: for reliable mathematic geniuses and fans of Monopoli. 
  • Resto:
    • clearing tables/doing dishes: keep the festival clean. In the resto tent you clear the tables of cups and plates, dancing between tables and shouting bon-appétit!
    • spring rolls: frying spring rolls with the air of spring and a smile of vietnamees flowers.
    • sandwiches / ice cream / Panini: make delicious creations on bread and panini’s, and scoop irresistible ice creams. Big smiling faces guaranteed!
    • Burger / Salad / Soup: Veggie galore! Green and secretly yummiest food of the festival. 
    • Resto: Burger / Salad / Soup cooks: learn how to make the best vegetarian dishes with professionals. 
    • Indian Curry: the hottest dish of Sfinks Mixed 2016. Namaste alu gobi chapati dal! 
    • Kebab: you swirl in the world of carnal delights. Cut some veggies, cover in saus. In a meat shell: you are mister/misses kebab! 
    • Pancakes en waffels: the Belgian pride. Who can resist the smell of mama comfort food? 
    • Belgian fries: honour the power of the potato and pomp out the Belgian gold!