Concerts Sfinks Mundial 2019

12:00: Opening doors

14:00: Wadou

An eclectic explosion of African genres. Trio Wadou blends Highlife, Gnawa, Desert Blues with Western electronic music. This ultra rhythmic celebration will make anyone move. Don’t resist, shake shake shake!

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16:00: Martha Da’ro

Martha Da’ro in one word? Smooth!
Famous from the movie ‘Black’ (Adil El Arbi en Billal Fallah), in which she plays the leading role of Martha Canga Antonio. But her incredible talents range further then acting: Martha Da’ro is one of the singers of the hip-hop collective Soul’Art. The group performed among other stages at Paradiso (Amsterdam), Ancienne Belgique (Brussels) en Couleur Café (Brussels).

As a solo artist she brings a unique blend of dreamy soul and catchy pop. Close your eyes and enter the captivating realm of Martha Da’ros musical explorations.

18:00: Zouratié Koné Ensemble

Zouratié Koné is a master percussionist from Burkina Faso. He was born into a family of griots (poets and singers), and became himself a songwriter, singer and craftsman of musical instruments.

In 2017 Zouratié and the saxophone/clarinet player Toine Thys from Brussels, cofounded the band ‘Afro Jazz Mandingue’. In this fertile mixture, traditional African rhythms and melodies are rewritten for modern and traditional instruments, resulting in an exciting and energetic musical dialogue. The band features traditional instruments as kora, African percussion, … as well as modern brass section, drums, bass and guitars.

20:00: Skala B

Skala B pays homage to traditional Cuban music from the ’60s, known as ‘El Son’. The band mixes classical harmonies with sentimental and nostalgic sounds. Composed of talented musicians and front singers of ‘Contrabando’ en ‘Zulemax’, Skala B rules the stage. Big time fiesta guaranteed!

21:30: Dj Tico

Dj Tico keeps the party going! Only tropical vibes of the finest quality and sublime mixes coming from his sound. Dj Tico is world-famous in Belgium with more than 15 years experience in making the dance floors of Noxx, Publiq, Carré and the Antilliaanse Feesten tremble. Be ready for a tropical earthquake in Boechout Mundial!

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23:00: Dj Sahra

From dancehall and hip-hop through afrobeats to kuduro en afrohouse. No point resisting to dance. Famous from that one legendary party at The Urban Mad last year. If you were there it’s engraved in your memory.
Didn’t make it last year, no idea what we all talking about?  Big time FOMO, you don’t wan’t to miss out on this one!