Maya Kamaty

La Réunion

Réunion-based Maya Kamaty is wildly popular on the island with her experimental mix of African rhythms, French chanson and urban electro-pop.

For her latest album ‘Sovaz’, Maya Kamaty collaborated with composer and beatmaker Sskyron. With the vibe of rebellion and the uncensored expression of a fully confident woman, she brings a new genre, which she herself describes as ‘Kreol Urban Pop’, a heady mix of urban, hip-hop, trap and pop. ‘Sovaz’ explores the idea of a certain roughness and brutality-an attitude borrowed from the codes of street gangs, of bad boys, of rebellious girls.

Maya Kamaty’s solo career started with an impressive debut album ‘Santié Papang’ (2014), in which she linked traditional and modern Maloya music. Maloya is the traditional song form of Reunion Island – born out of the oppression of African and Malagasy slaves on the sugar plantations. It became a defiant symbol of identity and was therefore banned by the authorities until 1981. Maya Kamaty’s father Gilbert Pounia was one of the leaders in the liberation of Maloya music. In his band Ziskakan, Maya Kalaty sang as a backing vocalist. Her second album Pandiyé (2018) is more in the genre she herself calls ‘Creole electro-pop music’.

Come and enjoy her beautiful voice, delightful bad girl charisma and original compositions!


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Voor Sfinks Mixed 2024, Maya Kamaty was recommended by Indian Ocean Music Market.