Sustainable Sfinksing

Sfinks has a mission of sustainability and strives to create the festival as green as possible. We include all aspects of durable living: social (people), ecological (the planet) and economical (prosperity).

Every year we aim to maximise the green character of the festival on different levels. For example, the ‘Green Guerrilla’  cleans the grounds and guards the ecological impact of the event, the free secured parking area for bicycles, working with informed and customised volunteers; and assuring accessibility for people with less-ability.

By communicating the sustainable measures and making them visible to coworkers, partners and the public, Sfinks plays a role as promoter of sustainable development. Sfinks won in 2015 the GroenVent award (an award yearly given by OVAM to the most sustainable festivals in Flanders), and became the most sustainable big event of the Flanders!

We are constantly looking to find new ways to maximise sustainability at the festival. In 2015 and 2016 Sfinks Mixed created an inventive waste policy, aiming to minimise the piles of garbage. This year we created the possibility to recycle and reducing the general waste mountains. By using PLA cups (plastic made from natural resources) en plates from sugarcane, the garbage will be biodegradable.

Do you want to help minimising the waste mountains at Sfinks Mixed?