Practical info


De campsite is situated at Veldkant in Boechout, 1 km from the entrance of the festival at Oude Steenweg.


The campsite opens Thursday at 12 noon and closes Monday morning at 11 am.


There is an exclusive parking area for camping visitors at the campsite. Cars and campers pay €10. Buy your tickets here .


Dogs and other animals are not allowed out of safety and hygiene reasons.


Sfinks Campsite offers adapted facilities for the less-able. Ask for more information at Inter vzw phone +32 (0)498 59 23 66 or [email protected].

!!! If extreme drought occurs, please respect the following safety measures !!!

  • It is not allowed to cook, smoke or light candles outside on the terrain of the campsite.
  • At the central tent there will be a allocated zone with BBQ on gas, smoking area and cooking area. At the cooking area you can use your own cooking stove to cook, make coffee, etc.