Sustainable Sfinksing

Sfinks for everyone, including the next generation

Sfinks has a mission of sustainability and strives to create the festival as green as possible. We include all aspects of durable living: social (people), ecological (the planet) and economical (prosperity).

Every year we aim to maximise the green character of the festival on different levels. For example, the ‘Green Guerrilla’  cleans the grounds and guards the ecological impact of the event, the free secured parking area for bicycles, working with informed and customised volunteers; and assuring accessibility for people with less-ability.

By communicating the sustainable measures and making them visible to coworkers, partners and the public, Sfinks plays a role as promoter of sustainable development. In 2002 we already joined a European sustainability program ‘Smashevents’ and in 2015 we won the  GroenVent award (an award yearly given by OVAM to the most sustainable festivals in Flanders), and became the most sustainable big event of the Flanders!

We are constantly looking to find new ways to maximise sustainability at the festival.
What do we do?

  • In 2023, Sfinks will focus even more on low-waste catering: a project that is growing since 2000. All food and drinks are served in reusable catering equipment, which we also provide for the external food trucks.
  • A test project with postmix is running, in which soft drinks come from the water supply, supplemented with syrup. This results in much less transport and waste.
  • Sfinks is an event with demarcated smoking areas. In this way, the butts on the ground are limited.
  • A ‘Green Guerrilla’ of volunteers that keeps the site clean and monitors the overall ecological impact sophisticated waste policy, with virtually no waste on the festival grounds.
  • All our promo material is ecological. 
  • Volunteers reuse their festival t-shirts where possible from previous years. New t-shirts are social, ethical and environmentally friendly.
  • All lighting on the pasture is LED lighting.
  • All fencing, banners and tarps are connected with organic and degradable rope.
  • Together with BOLT, we are setting up a pilot project with large solar panels and mega batteries for more sustainable energy use. Two of our stages are running on solar energy. 
  • We use tap water during construction and breakdown. Together with 10 other festivals, we supported CVBA De Leiding during the start-up. The water is cooled, filtered and made sparkling.  During construction and breakdown this results in 10,000 PET packaging less!

    Do you want to help minimising the waste mountains at Sfinks Mixed?
    Join us!
  • Come by bicycle (there is a free bicycle parking) or by public transport
  • Dispose of your rubbish in the correct rubbish bins
  • Bring your own reusable cup to Sfinks
  • Leave the cups and plates of Sfinks on Sfinks, so then can be washed and reused. 
  • Eat more vegetarian

    Do you have any good ideas, tips, festival hacks to become even greener, more environmentally friendly, …? Mail to [email protected]