Sfinks Cafe

With regret in our heart we announce that the legendary Sfinks Cafe has closed its doors.

So here’s a little story of something that now became a little history:

In the middle of the ’80 a ‘villa’ grew into a cafe. It happened very spontaneously in flow with the workshops, performances and other activities.
Then in 1994 the cafe found a new home in the beautiful warehouse of Boechout’s train station. Here equal-minded people gathered for all kinds of activities and get-togethers. A lot of unforgettable tales and heartwarming memoirs were born in those days. The days that Gary Thomas passed by with his didgeridoo, or in recent times Danny Blue & The Old Socks, who made in to the finals of Humo’s Rockrally and De Nieuwe Lichting of Studio Brussel.
But all great things also come to an end. After 30 years of unforgettable moments, Sfinks Cafe became a grateful memory and part of Sfinks’ history. On Sunday 6th January the Cafe closed its doors.

We give thanks to everyone who was there, from far or close-by, in the old days and more recently.  Sfinks Cafe existed because of all the people involved and became a little shared cultural heritage.