Reusable cups

We use reusable cups at Sfinks Mixed!
All plastic cups will be recyclable.
In this way, we reduce the waste on the festival

The alarming speed of the destruction of our planet is finally a topic we can no longer ignore. The addiction to plastic has shown disastrous results.
So we need to downsize. More, we need to strive to nullify.
At Sfinks we are continuously working on making the festival more ecological. In 2019 we make the change to reusable cups. By using the same cup several times, the impact on the environment is being reduced considerably.

Why do you choose to use reusable cups?
In this way we avoid mountains of plastic cups. Plastic used only once is definitely past century, being aware of the result there is no way to justify the cause.

How does it work?
When you buy your first beer/juice/wine/cocktail, you pay one coupon extra. The next time you order drinks (and return your cups), you only pay the price of the drinks. When you no longer want to order, you return your cups to the cup station.

Does it work for all drinks?
No. Only for beer, juice, bissap, wine, cava and cocktails.
Soft drinks and water are not served in reusable cups.

So what about the other drinks?
Soft drinks (Coca-Cola, Fanta, Ice-tea) and water are served in their PET-bottles. These will be separated on the festival and recycled.

My cup is empty, now what?
You have two options:
Or you go to the bar and order more. Then you pay for your drinks only if you give the same amount of used cups back. Or you return your cups to the cup station.

Whats a cup station?
In the cup station you can return your cup for €1 or a coupon.
You can also donate it to the project of Bayimba and Africalia in Uganda, no need to stand in line then.

Where is the cup station?
The cup station is to the left of the exit.