The world of Sfinks is made by many

Already more than 20 years, Sfinks coordinates the Forum of Worldwide Music festivals, a worldwide network of 50 unique festivals reaching jointly around 3 million people! Together we try to create projects and offer a stage to incredible talented artists.

Sfinks has a close collaboration with a few festivals. We work together with  Festival au Désert (in the Sahara), Le Kolatier (Kameroen) and Australasian World Music Expo (Australia). We have a very special connection with Timitar (Marokko).

But also close to home we have good friends

ManiFiesta is THE party of Solidarity in Belgium. Last year it brought more than 7500 people from across the country together at the shores of the North Sea. We interchange knowledge and information with them.

Sfinks also works closely together with the Walloon Esperanzah!. We help each other with programming, communication, and experiences in sustainability.
Closest to home is Zomer van Antwerpen. Sfinks builds the program for this summer festival in the city of Antwerp. It presents two months of theatre, music, movies, dance and performance spread across town on all types of locations.

In short: holding hands with many and that feels great!

More partners that support Sfinks: 

Gazet van Antwerpen, Radio 1, Cristal, Brugal, Coca Cola, Pauwels sauzen, het FMiV (de Federatie van Muziekfestivals in Vlaanderen), het FWMF (Forum of Worldwide Music Festivals), Provincie Antwerpen en Vlaanderen.

Sfinks happens every year in collaboration with

The local police MINOS, Rode Kruis Boechout, the fire corps of Edegem. The municipality Boechout preserves the festival. The province of Antwerp supports Sfinks Mixed.

And last but not least: there would be no Sfinks without more than 1.700 fantastic volunteers!

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