House rules

Sfinks Mixed house rules were created to keep things smooth and agreeable for everyone. Kindly take those into account beforehand, and avoid unpleasant surprises!
  •  checking and entrance control for everyone entering the festival.
  • No food/drinks brought from outside. It is not allowed to bring your own food and drinks into the festival. Sfinks Mixed is a free festival, and the only revenue (to ensure the continuation of the festivals next editions) is the food and drink stalls. If you bring picknick baskets, cool-boxes, or any amount of food and drinks, you cannot enter the festival bringing them along.
  • You can bring bags and backpacks, but limiting the quantity will facilitate the entrance control.
  • No dogs or other animals on the festival grounds allowed.
  • Spray cans (also deodorant), glass, conserve, weapons, sharp objects or any item that is considered dangerous to the organisation, are not allowed.
  • Bicycles, skateboards, motorbike helmets and steps are not kept in storage and neither are allowed on the festival terrain, or the market.
  • At the Kidz Village and information desk you receive free phone number bracelets for children. Our partners at the info point will also provide assistance to parents looking for a lost child.
  • It is not allowed to distribute flyers for other upcoming events at Sfinks Mixed festival. You can only bring non-commercial flyers to the information booth, where we will make them available to the public.
  • Hanging posters is possible only on specifically allocated areas. Please contact the festival beforehand at [email protected].
  • Photographing for personal use is welcome, we would love to see your pictures on social media. Share the love and don’t hesitate to use the hashtag #sfinksmixed.
  • Professional photographers need permission. Please write to [email protected]
  • Sfinks Mixed is very concerned about the waste problem of our planet. We are trying to reduce the mountain of garbage by placing recycling garbage cans at the terrain. Please use them and keep the festival grounds clean, as to limit the general waste pile at the end of the festival. Together we can make the difference!
  • Use the toilets. Leaving your urine smells to mark your territory is not allowed. The festival grounds belong to everyone anyhow.
  • We do not serve beer under the age of 16, no cocktails/hard liquor under 18. You can be asked to show a proof of ID.
  • No drugs on Sfinks!
    The use of illegal drugs is risky and can have harmful consequences for both the festival visitors who use it and for their immediate environment. Although the use of illegal drugs often occurs at festivals and events, possession remains punishable. The police forces are present at and around the festival site and will take strict action when drugs are found. The police will control and check very intensively!
    In collaboration with the public prosecutor, it was agreed that festival visitors who are found to be in possession of illegal drugs would go through the immediate amicable settlement procedure.

    What does this mean?
    The drugs are seized.
    The visitor pays a fine per drug that is found (cannabis 75 €, all other drugs 150 € / product). The fine must be paid immediately via Bancontact. If you pay the fine, there will be no criminal proceedings, and the facts will not be mentioned on your criminal record.
    Criminal proceedings are started in the case of dealing.

  • Sfinks Mixed is an open celebration of tolerance and unity. We welcome everybody in a vision of warmth and joy, which can only become if respect rules the day. In the charter you find more details. It is written for anyone who joins the festival (visitors, workers, partners, guests, press, artists, …)