With her uplifting desert vibes, SAHЯA will take nightlife to unseen heights and make you move like you never did before. She plays everything from dancehall and hip-hop to afrobeats, kuduro, amapiano and afrohouse,…

SAHЯA started as a DJ 6 years ago and a year later she became tour DJ to neo-soul singer IKRAAAN. In 2022, her breakthrough came. She toured internationally and also performed at festivals and shows such as Tomorrowland, Rock Werchter, Sfinks, Polé Polé, Pukkelpop, WeCanDance, Ostende Beach, Afro-Latino and Full Circle.

Besides DJ, SAHЯA is a clinical psychologist and tries to act as a bridge between the two careers. She researches the link between music and mental health and elaborates on this project. With her high-energy sets, she manages to get the audience moving every time, making sure everyone shakes off their worries for a while – dancing as the best therapy for everything!