Sfinks Mundial is accessible for everyone. We work together with Inter, the center of expertise in accessibility on festivals and events, to welcome and accommodate people with less-ability the best we can.

What we provide for people with less mobility and hearing impairment

  • A platform for wheelchairs in the center of the concert tent.
  • On the platform we build a zone with a loop system for people with hearing devices. If  they switch their hearing facility to the T-mode, background noises will be filtered during the concert.
  • Adapted toilet facilities on the festival grounds.
  • Reserved parking for people with less-mobility. Kindly register for a parking space before the 27th of May at  [email protected].
  • Assistance dogs are welcome.

For further free assistance please find the Inter-volunteers on the festival terrain. You can easily recognise them wearing a white vest with the logo of Inter. On festivals and events they provide the welcome, reception and assistance for people with less-ability. They also check the correct execution of the adapted facilities.
Whenever you need any help, please do contact the people from Inter.
Their service is available between 12 am and 11 pm.

More information and any questions about provided assistance
Daisy Driesen
Tel: 0498 59 23 66
E-mail: [email protected]