Getting there

Sfinks Mundial is located on the border of Boechout and Mortsel in Antwerp. Getting there is easy and convenient using any transport; bicycle, car, or public transport.

The festival grounds are at Molenveld, between Welvaartstraat and Oude Steenweg, in Boechout.

More information on public transport on the websites of De Lijn ( and NMBS (

A short list of the various transport possibilities:

Driving your bicycle
Living in the center or around the town of Antwerp, bicycling is the number one means of transport! From the city, the iron horse will bring you to the festival in about half an hour. There is a free secured parking for bicycles next to the festival grounds, at the Boechoutselei.
On Thursday and Friday the parking has security until 1 am, Saturday until 3 am and Sunday until midnight.

Hopping on the tram
From Antwerp Linkeroever tram 15 to Boechout.
Stop ‘Mortsel Savelkoul’ is less than 100 meter from the entrance of the festival.

Sitting on the bus
Bus 51, 52, 53, 90, 140 and 141 stop at less than 1,5 kilometer from the festival:

  • line 90: stop ‘Mortsel Zavelkoul’, 100 meter from the festival
  • line 51, 52, 53: stop ‘Wouwstraat’, 850 meter from the festival
  • lines 140 en 141: stop ‘Mortsel Kerkstraat’; 1,4 kilometer from the festival

There are also extra shuttle busses for those who want to party until the late night hours. This bus drives on the route of  Lier – Boechout – Mortsel (Sfinks Mixed = halte Hof Savelkoul) – Harmonie – Lange Leemstraat – Centraal Station Antwerpen and back. Check the timetable here. (be aware: the last two busses in red and with (*) only drive on Saturday night)

Taking the train
From the station of Boechout, the entrance of the festival lies within a 10 minute walking distance.
Frequency trains:

  • from Antwerp-Central and Hasselt two trains hourly in the week, one hourly at the weekend.
  • from Brugge and Gent two trains hourly, with connection at Antwerp.
  • from Leuven one train hourly.
  • There are different train options from Brussels with many trains hourly.
  • Check NMBS (

With the car
There is a paid parking ground at Fruithoflaan (€10), between castle Fruithof and the soccer field in Boechout.

  • coming from E19 (South of Boechout: Brussel …), take exit 7 – Kontich. Follow the signs to Edegem, then to Hove, and finally Boechout
  • coming from E17 (West of Boechout; Gent …), take exit 5 – Berchem-Wilrijk. Arriving on the top, take right and continue straight to Mortsel. Then take a left turn in the direction of Lier until you arrive at Boechout
  • coming from E19 (Nord of Boechout; Breda …), take exit 4 – Berchem. Arriving at the top, take left until you arrive at Mortsel, then take a left turn in the direction of Lier until you arrive at Boechout
  •  coming from E313 of E34 (East of Boechout; Hasselt …), take exit18  – Wommelgem. First continue in the direction of Mortsel. Arriving at the big supermarket Carrefour, take a left to Borsbeek, then take a right turn at the first traffic lights. Continue all the way to Boechout.

Download here the map of the festival terrain:
(click to enlarge)