Food and drinks

Sfinks Mixed festival offers yummy drinks and delicious food!

World-kitchen and bars

The catering at Sfinks Mixed festival is one of a kind. We prepare almost all our high quality meals on site with locally grown and fresh ingredients. We offer food for everyone, sandwiches, pancakes, woking dishes, kebab, and fresh Belgian fries! At our new Veggiebar you can enjoy tasty soups, salads and Veggie burgers!

At the luscious cocktailbar you can ravel in exotic punches and at the Bar Mediterranée indulge in organic coffee, tea, ambrosial wines, sparkling cava and yummy tapas. At the Kidz bar in the Kidz Village there is a special menu for the smallest people.

REMEMBER! As Sfinks Mixed festival is a free festival, it is not allowed to bring food and drinks from home. Any amount of food, drinks, coolboxes, picknick baskets, etc., cannot enter the festival grounds.


Buy your coupons in pre-sale and safe 10%! (there is no difference between drink and food coupons):

At the festival grounds you can pay with your mobile through Payconiq. So you can leave your wallet at home!