Widad Mjama & Khalil Epi

Frankrijk, Marokko

Mix of feminist Moroccan Aïta – lamentations and Electro-Trance

Widad Mjama is the very first female rapper and MC in the Maghreb. In her new musical project ‘Aïta mon amour’ she builds a bridge between modern music and the ancestral Moroccan music tradition of the Aita – lamentations. The Aïta (Moroccan word meaning to cry, shout or lament) is a song of tears and joy. It was only passed on through women and descends from the Chikhates – feminist singers from the 12th century who fought against injustice and oppression.

Widad works together with Khalil Epi and together they want to save this poetry of the dusty shelf of history, by mixing electronic sounds with traditional stringed instruments such as the oud, the violin and the outar. The torch between the generations is handed down with dignity. True to its origins, Aïta exudes an authentic feminism, bringing new spark to a struggle of all times.

Come and experience the power of this immense cultural heritage!