TROPKILLAZ, is the duo Zegon & Laudz, two of the biggest hip hop DJ / producers in Brazil. Together they bring a hot mix of electro, trap, hip hop, house, and tropical beats from Brazil, Latin America and Jamaica. Irresistible beats!

DJ Zegon comes from Brazil’s old school hip hop scene, and has worked with names like Kanye West, M.I.A, Ghosface Killah, Ol Dirty Bastard, RZA, Public, Method Man, E-40, Santigold. Laudz is part of the new school, having worked with the country’s biggest MCs and his beats have been praised by the likes of Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, etc. Together they form Tropkillaz, a sunny mix of electro, trap, hip hop, house, and tropical sounds from Brazil, Latin-America and Jamaica.

The group gained fame after one of their remixes of the “Hide” song of the duo NASA, that reached about 100 million viewers in the Super Bowl final of the 2013 season. In 2015 the duo appeared in the Tomorrowland edition of  Brazil. In the past 4 years they performed in more than 30 different countries, as well as on main stages of festivals as Ultra, Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Roskilde, Storm Festival, Dour, etc.