A gentle desert wind over the Sahara, four women singing hypnotic songs, five veiled men accompanying them with string instruments. Get into a trance by this intimate and heartbreaking music of the Tuareg culture.

The new album ‘Amankor / The Exile’ marks the long-awaited return of these iconic ambassadors of Tuareg culture. Through their heart-warming songs full of nostalgia for their home country, they call for solidarity and talk about a culture under attack.

Tartit, which means “unity, union,” originated in the mid-1990s in the refugee camps of Mauritania and Burkinabe during the Tuareg rebellions. The band, with women as front artists, offers a unique perspective on Tuareg life through the eyes of a woman. “Tamat / The Woman” warns how “The woman is the central pillar of the tent, and when the pillar falls, the entire tent falls.”