Senegalese James Brown

Tastes differ. That is precisely why the many different merchandise on the market all find a buyer.’ That is what the Senegalese ‘James Brown’, as Sahad is called, sings on his latest album ‘Luuma’.

Sahad is a musician, guitarist, singer and founder of the group Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork. Their style fluctuates between Senegalese mbalax, Malian desert blues, afrobeat, Cuban melodies, soul and jazz rock, and this is how this sensuous kaleidoscopic music is created. 

Sahadj himself sees himself as a ‘taxi de brousse’ who travels around the world in search of various cultural styles.

With his hoarse and bluesy voice, Sahad invites you to wander around in this special sound universe of cultural richness.

An emerging talent that you must see!