Rabba presents: The AfterBlood

Rabba’s various projects Afroblood, VooddooHype and the Afrohouse group Vooddoogang are a success far beyond Antwerp. Rabbadance is the organistor of the Afroblood, VooddooHype and Vooddoogang concept and is convinced that every dance style and music style comes from Afro culture. His projects are a success far outside of Antwerp. At Sfinks Mixed he and his Afro Family Vooddoo give a vibrant show.

The AfterBlood

Featuring: The 6ix ‘, Vooddoogang, Milo & Fabio, DJ Ramos, DJ Sentimenz & Rabbadance

David Kingkela aka Rabbadance is a phenomenal dancer and choreographer with Congolose and Angolan roots. Last year he won the Afrohouse Battle Whatsupp in Brussels on Belgian soil. He is known for his impressive dance videos on social media and stands out with his collective Vooddoogang in the new VTM program “Dance as one”.