Omulu (Brazilië)

Underground dj uit Brazilië. Eén van de grondleggers van rasteirinha muziek. Dat is Braziliaanse electronische muziek, afgeleid uit Baile funk, Reggaeton, Samba en Axé.

The main catch in Omulu’s work is based on the revitalization of national rhythms, from funk to technobrega, including touches of atabaque from Candomblé and a mixture of electronic beats from EDM scenes around the globe.

Throughout these experiments, the brega bass (or “tacky bass”) was born – a term developed by the DJ himself to define the combination between technobrega and lower samples and beats. His mash-up, entitled “Diplo Piranha”, conquered the audience at Águia de Fogo, the largest music equipment in Belém do Pará, played by DJs Elison and Juninho. Recently, Omulu has dedicated his efforts toward “rasteirinha”, the newest version ofcarioca funk, which combines lower beats (around 95bpm) and axé/reggaeton elements. Music anthropologist and researcher Hermano Vianna described his music as “sensational”. His most renowned track is called “Bagulho Doido”, produced alongside Comrade in New York. The track led to worldwide repercussion of the genre, including insertions on BBC in the sets of DJs like Skrillex, Diplo and Major Lazer, among others.