DJ Nitsa is a young girl with Greek roots and big dreams. Her unique style and good vibes already have a name on it’s own: nitsation. Soooo…  let’s nitsate!

Meanwhile Nitsa is already 3 years a member of the VIBESTR team, Nightrepublik and she joined Artist Amplifier. On Saturdays, she knows how to create a good vibe at the Patron Room (Versuz)and besides this you could already find Nitsa behind the decks at Vunzige Deuntjes, LUST, Vibestr, Sett Club, La Gare, La Rocca, Versuz, Ipanema, Baouzza, Apereau (Hasselt), Midweekfeesten, Vestival (Oh My!), Tomorrowland, Daydream Festival, Ostend Beach, Urban Building, Beach Box, SkyClub (Ikon, Antwerp), City Parade (Brussels),…

Sooooo let’s nitsate with Nitsa!