Komt na zijn TML set even langs.

Perhaps the name Mr_Fuzz doesn’t ring a bell right away, but you definitely heard his tracks in dj-sets or youtube clips all over the world. Michael aka Mr_Fuzz started producing Twerk & Trap back in 2013, quickly evolving into Jersey and Future Club. In the last 2 years he made over 40 tracks and got over 150k plays on his soundcloud page and way over 1million views on youtube! Watch these Russian dancers wildin’ out over his M.I.A.remix. Last year Trippy Turtle dropped his Destiny’s Child remix at Tomorrowland and this year Spenda C asked him to officially remix his new single “Pop Champagne” with the legendary DJ Funk!

So future is looking bright for this 24-year-old Dutchman who’s actually living in Antwerp .
Over the years Mr_Fuzz evolved into his own mixture of Bass music. His sets are an energetic combination of Trap, Twerk, Bubbling, Jersey Club & Future.