Mercedes Peón

Mercedes Peon is one of the most charismatic women of the current music circuit around the world. Her compositions that start from the ancestral Galician rhythms, culminate in eclectic and blatantly vibrant themes.

Her music is avant-garde, fresh and surprising. Her latest work, Deixaas, incorporates sound recordings of heavy machinery, and brings her always social and feminist discourse to the public.

Mercedes Peon is a treasurekeeper of the Galician heritage. At the age of 12 she started the compilation of the songs, dances, stories and experiences of her villages’ people in Galicia. She transmitted all this knowledge at schools, at Television of Galicia, and in Universities such as La Sorbonne, Oporto, Wales, etc. After deepening the tradition for more than 25 years, she recorded her first album ‘Isue’ in 2000. She has situated herself as one of the most interesting artists in the European World Music scene, winning national and international awards from the World Music Forum and FolkWorld magazine. She has been nominated for the BBC Awards, National Culture Prize, “Galician of the Year”, etc.