Les Négresses Vertes

This crazy band mixes punk, balkan, ska, rai, dub, … in an explosive cocktail. The comeback of Les Négresses Vertes celebrates their thirtieth birthday and how! Full gas and absolute madness.

“… warm nostalgia and a hot party. After the last note, just about everyone was melted on the floor. The cleaning team will have work. “**** – De Standaard

The French band was founded in 1987 by a group of friends, most of whom had never played their instrument. They owe their name to one of the abusive words that were hurled to their heads during their first concert. (“Green Negroes” after the kitsch art of self-taught Vladimir Tretchikoff).

The first song was the punk protest ‘200 Ans D’Hypocrisie’ following 200 years of the French revolution. In the debut and legendary record “Mlah”, released in 1989, post-punk is mixed with other music genres in a unique and energetic style. (songs like ‘Voilà l’Ete’, ‘Zobi La Mouche’, ‘C’est Pas la Mer à Boire’, ‘Face à la Mer’ (later remixed by Massive Attack) and ‘Sous le Soleil de Bodega’.) After the death of wild front singer Helno, the band moved more towards dub and ambient.