Leo Justi

Leo Justi – Brazilian producer and DJ – is known for his “Heavy Baile” sound, a renaissance of baile funk and a product of the new “global jukebox” from Rio. Beats from UK drum ‘n’ bass, Detroit’s ghetto tech and Baltimore club, to French dance icons like Daft Punk are in the mix. Expect an abundance of beats that will make you go wild!

Baile funk, also known as funk carioca, was born in South – America’s over-populated, crime-ridden slums. It started as a Brazilian variant of the Miami bass sound – all earthquaking, booty-shaking 808 dance beats – though with lyrics tackling the full spectrum of life in the favelas. Later it spread beyond Brazil, cropping up in the more trendy European clubs.

Now comes ‘Heavy Baile’, a reinvention of the genre that owes its sudden prominence to the rise of one man – Leo Justi. Heavy Baile has a more outgoing take on it’s parent prototype, as much a product of the new ‘global jukebox’ of Rio’s city beat. Blending in this beats from UK drum ‘n’ bass, Detroit’s ghettotech or Baltimore club, to French dance icons as Daft Punk. As you might expect from a sound with so much going on, this isn’t music for the faint-hearted. Leo’s beats are rapid like gunfire, dark as shadows, loud enough to wake the dead.

Leo Justi’s career is dedicated to expanding people’s perspective on the funk music genre. The young producer has managed to reach international grounds, working with the label Waxplotation, as well as developing partnerships with M.I.A., Phantogram, Tropkillaz, Emicida, MC Guimê e MC Carol. Justi’s recent sound-defining Heavy Baile mixtape is like the rebirth of Hollertronix -era Diplo- with its blend of Western club styles and his own version of irresistible party music.