The Belgian-Congolese Karoline Kamosi aka “Leki” is a urban artistthat  brings an eclectic show, from intimate and revealing songs to groovy African percussion.

“Leki” is Lingala and means “little one” or “little sister / brother”; a name she got when she sang the backing vocals at Technotronic at the age of twelve. At the age of sixteen, she had a record deal, won awards, released four albums, gaveperformances, and was invited as a presenter for television and radio programs for 15 years.

After a stop of more than 3 years and a burn-out, music provides a fresh start. As a therapy, Leki wrote numerous new songs that she would like to share with you. Intimate: voice, guitar, percussion and sitar under the guidance of Nicolas Mortelmans. “What seems like the end is sometimes just a new beginning”.