Laurence Revey

This indie artist is grounded in the Swiss Alps and has a voice that transcends everything in the musical stratosphere. From telluric hymns, to electro-minimalist pop and rock: thanks to the almost unlimited capacity of her voice (she reaches four octaves), her live charismatic performances represent a unique musical experience.

Her music often brings to mind the sounds of Goldfrapp, Massive Attack and sometimes even Kate Bush, a mix between gentleness, artistic authenticity and mind-blowing passages. She uses the spoken word like an instrument, transforming various emotions into audible sounds, sometimes gentle, sometimes throaty, until words and music become one.

English producer Pete Brown (CREAM) discovered Laurence Revey in the late nineties, and soon she became an iconic figure performing worldwide. In 2004 came the creation of ‘Solo in Silence’. In an original concept Laurence Revey’s crystal-clear and wild voice reinterpreted a repertory of hymns between vocal trances and inspired paganism.

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