Orkestar Braka Kadrievi

Macedonia, Macedonië

The Macedonian fanfare band Orkestar Braka Kadrievi made (a little) history with the soundtrack of Emir Kustorica’s “Time of the Gypsies”.

Founded in Macedonia in 1923, Kadrievi Orchestra has been thriving for a century because of the talent passed down from generation to generation. The current -5th generation- consists of about 40 family members, both adults and children, who all make music according to the old tradition, from father to son. Today the orchestra is led by renowned Gipsy trumpeters, father and son, Masar Kadrievi and Seven Kadrievi.

They themselves describe their music as ‘Romska Orientalna Musika’. The band crafts deep Romani roots and community traditions with a modern sensibility, from sad ballads to vibrant dance music.
It is known that well-blown Balkan music can turn things upside down. And so they open the stage of Sfinks Mixed 2023!