Imane Guemssy & Tiganwa


Tiganwa is the project of the young Gnaoua artist Imane Guemssy in which she presents female Gnaoui art with talented musicians who each time give a different and unique touch to this ancestral art.

Imane Guemssy was fascinated by Gnawa music from an early age. Soon she spontaneously participated in gnawa ceremonies – or lilas – in her hometown of Casablanca. These ceremonies are mainly attended by male musicians, but she learns to play guembri, a traditional lute, and percussion instruments such as krakeb and t’bel.

Inspired by all these different Gnawa masters and musical influences, she starts to rewrite some traditional songs. In 2019, MetX offers her a wildcard to develop a contemporary Gnawa repertoire together with other female musicians. As group Tsoukina they organized open rehearsals for interested musicians to join.
Now she brings her own project Tiganwa to Sfinks Mixed!