This ‘queen of the Kampala underground’ transcends all imaginable boxes. As a Muslim woman and Somali DJ she fights against stereotypes and male dominance. Expect the unexpected and a crazy party!

The Somali Hibo Elmi aka Hibotep, is DJ, producer, filmmaker, fashion designer, …She is a regular behind Kampala’s DJ booths,playing anything from arab trap to somali funk and old school LA hip hop together with her own productions and the tunes of her crew.

After being told by a producer that she had to sleep with men or be rich to get studio time, she set her sights on a recording studio of her own: run for women, by women. Hibotep says she’s hyper aware of how surprising she is to people as a female Muslim DJ.

As she plays, videos shown alongside her sets depict “Ninjabis”: stereotype-smashing women in burqas, smoking and swearing.

“When you’re a woman you get targeted easily,” she said, adding that male DJ colleagues have even attempted to sabotage her sets by stepping on wires or pretending to misplace equipment needed for her to play. But she continues to play shows, and to push the boundaries of the male-dominated music scene.