Habib Koité

Also called “Mali’s greatest pop star”, Habib Koité’s unique guitar playing, color palette of sounds and magical voice will sweep you of your feet. An enchanting sound of Malian music with hints of blues, flamenco, pop and rock!

Habib Koite is one of the most renowned African artists of our time. In his original style, he plays the guitar like a traditional kamale n’goni, with pentatonic tuning and many open strings.

At the age of 30, Habib formed his first band, called Bamada. The first big hit came with ‘Cigarette A Bana’ on his debut album ‘Muso Ko’, an album that was immediately number 1 in the then European world music charts.

Habib was previously a guest at Sfinks in 1995 and the song “Kunfe Ta” on his vinyl edition “Muso Ko” is the live version of that performance. Whoever was there can still hear themselves shaking!