Gnawa Diffusion

Gnawa Diffusion is an explosive Algerian-French gnawa band. Although they bring a mix with gnawa, chaabi, blues and rock, they are best known for their reggae and roots groove. Feel the trance of this outspoken music with a political message!

Guembri and kerkabs, instruments of the Maghreb-African soil, play the pulsating trance of the Gnawas (African slaves deported to Algeria and Morocco). This Maghrebian gospel, born out of suffering, becomes the symbol of liberation.

Gnawa Diffusion bestows a humor into their music which pins all the ‘twisted’ of this planet. The group’s lead singer, Amazigh (literally meaning ‘Free Man’ in Tamazight), is the son of the famous Algerian writer Kateb Yacine. In his texts, written in three languages ​​(Arabic, French and English), he claims freedom, love, peace and fights against injustice…Themes range from discussions of poverty in Algeria or corruption in government to denunciations of global military actions and perceived imperialism. He uses music to spread his message and empower his often controversial thoughts. On stage he is a real trooper energizing and stirring up the audience.

Gnawa Diffusion started their career in 1993 with the release of the album Légitime différence and have been touring worldwide since.