Dobrila & Dorian Duo

Macedonia, Macedonië

Fusion of van Macedonian songs, electro en improvisation

Dobrila & Dorian Duo bring some of the most beautiful Macedonian traditional songs bathed in layers of improvisation, resulting in  a radically new, electronic fusion. They replace the traditional full ensemble of the Macedonian music by Dorian’s oud, its live looping, and the mesmerizing voice of Dobrila. Together they explore a new universe where the richness of traditional melodies interact with improvisation, woven into a masterfully performed interplay with noise, sounds and meaningful silence. 

Dobrila and Dorian have been working together since 2008 as part of Chalgia Sound System, one of the best known Chalgia music performing bands. Their joint musical adventure – Dobrila & Dorian Duo –  started in 2020 with the album, ‘Apocryph’, which was immediately recognized as a masterpiece. ‘Apocryph’  was played on World Music radios in Italy, Australia, Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Spain, and featured in the top selection for best album of 2021. The following tour throughout Europe resulted in a new album, ‘Pile shareno’ (2023), where they added electronic modification of both the oud and voice.

Dobrila learned some of the Macedonian musical heritage of Vanja Lazarova, Mirvet Belovska, Kiril Manchevski, but she is also influenced by free explorers of the different ways of singing and expressing. Dorian Jovanović has many projects on his name: String Forces, Axiotomic, Dorian Oud Quartet, Amalgams. 

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Our colleagues from the fantastic Offest‘ in Skopje/Macedonia introduced us to Dobrila & Dorian and we immediately knew that they absolutely had to come to Sfinks. Do not miss it!