Chicos y Mendes

Irresistible ‘latin alternative music’, or an original latino style, mixed with reggae, jazz, soul and urban sounds. The band around Peruvian people from Brussels is “one of the few Latin gems in our country, and one that shines blindingly.” Feel-good music with intelligent texts!

Chicos y Mendez releases his first album “Esencias”, with the single “Reggaetón feminista”, featuring Brazilian star Flavia Coelho. Solar and engaged, this track questions and diverts, through an ironical and offbeat clip, the machismo that is inherent to the reggaetón musical style, as it is to the current society…revisiting a mythical picture. 

The “Esencias” album is a polyphony of identities, a musical journey with borderless sounds setting up the expression of the deeply plural character of existence. Far from the conceptions that reduce the essence of an individual or a group to a single belonging, this album questions our ability to overcome our own condition in an attempt to meet the other’s poetry, his suffering, his joy and his doubts.