Bart Peeters & De Ideale Mannen

België, Belgium

The best-of show from Flanders’ most energetic frontman

Bart Peeters and his inseparable band “De Ideale Mannen” have built up a live reputation from here to Tokyo in recent years.

Their musical recipe is well known: Flanders’ most famous and energetic frontman together with the fantastic backing band ‘De Ideale Mannen’. A new summer single and a large number of sing-alongs and hits are on the menu. They haven’t played any concerts in 2023, so the appetite is growing! Real explosions on the stage are to be expected.

Bart Peeters grew up in the shadow of the Sfinks festival, and this year he opens Sfinks Mixed 2023 with this giant real greatest hit show! He is accompanied by his regular companions de route:

Ivan Smeulders – bass, accordion, percussion, vocals
Mike Smeulders – piano, accordion, vocals
Piet Van den Heuvel – guitar, percussion, vocals
Emile Verstraeten – violin, mandolin, guitar, vocals
Amel Serra Garcia – percussion, vocals