Baloji is an eccentric Belgian rapper of Congolese origin. He mixes everything groovy into a unique sound like no one else does: from traditional rumba, swinging mutuashi and soukous to ska roots, hip hop, R&B and reggae soaked in Nigerian funk.

Twenty years ago he became known as MC Balo with the Liège rap group Starflam. Afterwards he goes solo and in 2007 his debut album “Hotel Impala” is released, a voyage of discovery to his biological mother and congolese roots.

For ‘Kinshasa Succursale’ (2012) he received five stars from The Telepgraph, The Guardian calls him “a punk priest who brings funk and ragga together”. His last masterpiece ‘139 Avenue Kaniama’ was published in 2018, named after the address where he found his mother in Lubumbashi after 25 years.

Baloji is an artist in motion, a musician, poet, film director, a man of images and ideas.