Anthony B

Does this legendary and super-energetic reggae artist need an intro? The genuine rasta is known for its strong portion of social criticism and is a red-yellow-green whirlwind like no other can. The steaming closing show for Sfinks 2019!

In 1992 he became known with the hits “Fire Pon Rome” and “Raid Di Barn” ; meanwhile there are more than 30 albums and 100 hits to his name. The most inspiring artists of Antony B are Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, an influence that is clearly present.

As a member of the Bobo Ashanti department of the Rastafarian movement, the “original firefighter” has a strong Afrocentric view and fights with his revolutionary lyrics against social and economic injustice in Jamaica.

Anthony B about his music and religion: “When we say ‘burn fire’ we do not mean that we take a match and light someone, we say that we remove those things that are not good for humanity.”

So musical fireworks as a closure!