Alexander Abreu y Havana D’Primera

Havana D’Primera is a Cuban Timba band founded by Alexander Abreu in 2008, numbering 17 members in total. Bandleader and chief songwriter Abreu, a Latin Grammy Award-winning artist, has been noted for his highly sophisticated melodic voice and as a skilled instrumentalist who has made a career of fusing rhythms across salsa, jazz, funk and Afro-Cuban.

Since their inception, the band have gone on to release four studio albums. Following the release of debut album Haciendo Historia in 2011, their 2012 release Pasaporte was voted one of the top Latin alternative albums of the year by NPR listeners. They followed the success of Pasaporte with La vuelta al Mundo in 2015, which went on to be nominated for ‘Best Salsa Album’ at the Latin Grammys in 2015. A live album, Haciendo Historia Live, arrived the following year before their most recent record Cantor del Pueblo in early 2018. Later that year the band received their second Latin Grammy nomination for ‘Best Salsa Album’.

Havana D’Primera has received international success playing hundreds of live performances in all continents. Their songs invade and symbolize the impulse of the new Cuban Popular music in the world, and according to critics and audience alike, they are today’s the most Popular Cuban Music Band!